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Calathea Ornata

Calathea Ornata

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Watering:, this plant loves to have moist soil at all times (Loves Misting)
Let any of the excess water escape, this plant can't sit in a puddle

Sunlight: bright spot where it gets indirect sunlight.

The Calathea Pinstripe can be a fussy plant. Luckily, there are many early warning signs that your Calathea isn't happy.

These symptoms include brown and crispy leaves, leaves that start to turn yellow, and the pink strips fading to a white color. When this happens, it doesn't mean your Calathea is dying. It simply means the Pinstripe plant isn't getting the care it really wants.

When the leaves start to get brown or yellow, it might be in an environment that's too dry for the plant. In this case, make sure to mist your Calathea leaves daily or find another way to provide the Pinstripe plant with the humidity it needs.

When the pink stripes on the leaves start to fade to white, the plant is getting too much sunlight. Move it to a place that's a little more shaded and you'll see the difference.


****Does not come in ceramic Pot****