Mind over Batter: Baking as Therapy'

Mind over Batter: Baking as Therapy'

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A self-care cookbook for using baking as therapy from licensed psychotherapist and master baker Jack Hazan, with 75 simple, therapeutic recipes.

You may not realize it, but many essential therapeutic techniques can be accessed right in your own kitchen. In Mind Over Batter, licensed therapist and master baker Jack Hazan guides you through 75 simple, healing recipes that can help you tap into whatever you might be going through that day.

Inspired by the Syrian and Middle Eastern baked goods he grew up with, along with his take on classic American desserts, recipes are organized into themed chapters based on common life moments and needs.

  • In need of connection? Make some Pesto Pull-Apart Bread to share with your loved ones.
  • Looking for a way to release some anxiety? Knead away your stress with a Chocolate Babka Crunch.
  • Simply in need of some self-care? Whip up a single-serving indulgence like a Devil's Food Mug Cake.

Throughout each chapter are invaluable exercises and “quick sessions” that connect baking processes to the evidence-based therapy tools Jack Hazan uses in his practice every day.

UNIQUE TAKE ON SELF-CARE: This is a different way to get a sweet dose of self-care—baking-as-therapy is really just a problem-solving approach to mental health. Although it is not intended to serve as a replacement for traditional psychotherapy/psychiatric treatment, the 75 recipes relate to psychological problems people go through, including connecting with others, practicing self-care and self-esteem, dealing with disappointment, exercising mindfulness, and feeling your feelings.

EXPERT ADVICE: Licensed psychotherapist Jack Hazan has an engaged online audience with an interest in both his baked goods company and psychotherapy practice. He posts weekly baking videos and weekly therapy "advice" videos. He is known for connecting with his audience on an intimate level, and his videos and techniques are well received and trusted.

SUPER APPROACHABLE: These recipes are easy to follow and fuss-free, but different enough to speak directly to whatever you might be going through. No recipe contains so many steps that the task of finishing feels daunting or demands complicated techniques that prevent you from making progress. As a therapist, Jack Hazan's goal is to help you focus on one thing at a time. In baking, you take recipes one step at a time, too.

Perfect for:

  • Home bakers of all ages
  • People looking for new ways to think about self-care and mental health
  • Procrastibakers or stress cooks