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Acacia Cutting board with  round wood handle

Acacia Wood Cutting Board

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This beautiful acacia wood cutting board can be displayed on a shelf or hung on a wall with the large opening in the center of the handle. When needing it, there will be no reason to go searching through the cabinets because it will be out in the open and easily accessible on a shelf or hung on a wall.

Dimensions: 20.9 x 10.2 x 0.6

Product Attributes: Food Safe

if you properly maintain an Acacia wood cutting board, it will probably outlast everything else in your kitchen. So, not only do you get a board that’s more durable (and safer for your knives)

cleaning: use a gentle cleaning solution or white vinegar to remove germs and bacteria. Don’t submerge in water,  a quick rinse under warm water, then wipe dry and allow some time for it to continue drying in the open air.

For oiling a wooden board, soak a clean, dry rag with the oil and coat the surface of the board. Use enough oil so it’s visible to the eye. and dry completely in open air.